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Buy your own piece of land in Antarctica!

Bronze Package


Own an acre of land in Antarctica, and have the certificate to prove it. The certificate also provides you with planning and mineral rights, so you can do with your land as you please!

It also makes the perfect present, – it’s ideal for birthdays, Valentine’s day, Mother’s day and many more occasions!

The more you buy the cheaper it gets, so why not check out our Silver package for a 2 acre property or our Gold package for a whopping 10 acres!



The deeds for the land which you are about to purchase in Antarctica are issued by iamtarctica.com. They show the precise, unique coordinates of where your property is located.

The details of the purchase are recorded against the name on the deeds in our Antarctic database to ensure you have exclusive rights to your land. We guarantee that no same property is ever sold twice by carefully mapping out and storing your records.

Your Antarctic land package includes:

  • Your Antarctic Deed, certifying your ownership of a piece of land in Antarctica
  • Your Antarctic Map, showing the exact coordinates of your property in Antarctica

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